January 24, 2018

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A few years ago, Martine & Jean Chaillet left France to set up a new company in Bangkok.

From their wish to combine their experience, skills and passions, a new project rose: EArise was born

Martine and Jean’s motto is “sustainably increase health and performance“.

They expressed this motto through 2 activities. EArise Consulting for management and operational excellence consultancy. EArise Physiology for monitoring of physiological data, software and support.

EArise nowadays

EArise Consulting provides training, seminars, coaching and consultancy in the fields of management / HR and operational excellence.

EArise Physiology‘s goal is to help people to  increase their performance and to improve their health. We monitor data and provide real-time measurements / alerts and ready-to-use dashboards, advice and support.


We serve as a catalyst for individuals and organisations to “push their boundaries” and improve long-term health & performance

Together, let’s push your boundaries and help you reach your full potential.

Core values


We give our best anytime - Always go ahead - Federate an network of expertise


Transparent relationships - Transparency of results - We respect anyone (whoever he/she is, whatever he/she does)


Put the people first - Act together - Co-construction


Engage side by side - Come with you over time - Move forward together


Become the referent company in Southeast Asia for top quality consultancy and physiological measurement solutions

Some key figures

EArise Consulting group represents 30 years of expertise and over 500 clients. Long-trusting customer relationships with an average of 8 years customer’s life.

EArise Physiology network includes 250 000 staff members for more than 2 000 companies, 22 000 professional athletes and more than 100 000 amateurs, 800 sport clubs and teams…

The founders


Particularly concerned with the global and long-lasting health, I am interested for 20 years in the connection between health and performance.

I have been for years international marketing manager in the field of interventional cardiology. Then I built my own company in France to support leaders and teams as a coach, trainer and consultant.

I will be pleased to work with you on your vision, strategy, change management, management and HR and to debrief your lifestyle assessment.


Definitively focused on customers, I love human relationships, project dynamics, business development and innovation.

I worked internationally as consultant, business developer, BU manager, new business & innovation Director, CEO, in different sectors. During these 25 years I addressed challenges like well-being & lifestyle, or sport & performance.

I will be pleased to help you on sales or customer service issues, as well as business consultant and sport coach.

You can find all our solutions on our websites www.physiology.ea-rise.com and www.consulting.ea-rise.com